Aylin Serra Orhan


Within the context of my Graphic Design II course the assignment was to create a multifaceted campaign about an issue that we felt strongly about. Due to the fact that climate change, over population, and the sustainability of the human race is facing a larger threat each and every day,  I knew I had to do something related to the environmental. However, rather than continue pointing out the problem I worked to create a solution based approach. 


I wanted to create something that would make people take the necessary actions to transform cities into green, luscious jungles. There were many elements to consider that could contribute to the greening of cities, many of which are concepts that intertwine with each other at some point or another which is why it was difficult to isolate a single topic to hone in on. I chose vertical gardens as my focused topic because it is the most visibly implemented and the one with the potential to yield the most immediate results. While I believe vertical farms are just as important, if not more important for our survival and sustenance, it does require much more structural investment and the utilization of horizontal space inside buildings that we might otherwise be occupying. I believe that by making vertical growing catch on, first in the form of gardens and foliage which has incredible benefits on its own (and what this campaign is about), people will become more informed and familiar with the concept and therefore more willing to make larger more sacrificial changes in the long run. 


#Vert utilizes multiple mediums in order to deliver an effective and memorable experience. The first interaction one would have with #Vert would be coming across one of the wall decals that reflect change over time to show the potential of the space they occupy. During the first time phase we have a figure along with a breadcrumb of what’s to crumb. During the second time phase, people are prompted with the appearance of a QR code that when scanned immerses them in a two part auditory experience; the first being an environmental simulation through sound to show what could be heard in the presence of a green wall, and the second a short educational recording relevant to the sounds being heard. The other aspect of the campaign is a bus stop ad series that redefines our understanding of the words “wall, building, and city” in that they all contain these green vertical spaces in their initial meaning.